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Online Safety




The growing use of the internet for communicating and the many ways we can now access the internet means whist it is of huge benefit to us all in our daily lives it is also an increasing potential danger. Many of us are unaware of the possible challenges of keeping children safe online. In our school, our scheme of work ensures that children start to consider e-safety from Reception and that each year these experiences are built on in a progressive way. Rather than viewing it as a separate area we ensure that e-safety is weaved throughout our curriculum so that by the time children leave in Year 6 they are able to safely make choices about the technology that they use.

Our scheme of work considers three key elements:

    Content - what children view, download, search for and access.
    Contact - what and who they come into contact with.
    Conduct - how they behave as an individual and towards others whilst using technology.

We strive to regularly review our policies and teaching to ensure that new and emerging technologies are incorporated within our curriculum. Through our approach, we aim to teach children how to use the Internet safely and securely, so that they are able to make the best possible choices when online. Personal security is a fundamental part of this and ensuring that children know where and who they can get help from if they see or experience problems whilst being online.