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Marathon Kids provides children with running and exercise opportunities in a non-competitive manner. It is sometimes believed that running is a solo sport; however, Marathon Kids allows the children to run or walk with friends. At Shipston Primary School the children can walk or run around our track to complete a marathon over the academic year.  Each year group is able to complete laps on a given day and the children are encouraged to complete as many laps of the track as possible and build towards the epic achievement of running 42.2km, the distance of a full marathon. The distance each child accumulates is added to the Marathon Kids Tracking System showing the total distance each bidding athlete has clocked up during the year. At each milestone (10km, 21km, 31km and 42.2km) each child achieves a Marathon Kids certificate and a fabulous medal once a marathon has been completed.


Since 2019, Shipston Primary School has had over 20 children achieve this remarkable distance. To celebrate, at the end of the academic year, Marathon Kids hosts a Festival of Running day. In 2019, this was hosted at Edmondscote Athletics Track and celebrated the children’s achievements. Despite the rain, the chidren had an extremely enjoyable day and we can't wait to return.