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If your child is absent, please contact the school office as soon as possible. There is a voicemail option on the school telephone system for parents to leave a message before school if a child is unwell (option 0).



Chickenpoxat least 5 days from the onset of the rash and until all blisters have crusted over
Diarrhoea and Vomiting48 hours after their last episode
Cold and flu-like illness (including COVID-19)they no longer have a high temperature and feel well enough to attend. Follow the national guidance if they’ve tested positive for COVID-19
Impetigotheir sores have crusted and healed, or 48 hours after they started antibiotics
Measles4 days after the rash first appeared
Mumps5 days after the swelling started
Scabiesthey’ve had their first treatment
Scarlet fever24 hours after they started taking antibiotics
Whooping cough48 hours after they started taking antibiotics

Medication in school

Asthma care plan