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In The Stour Federation Partnership we believe the best schools have a pupil-led culture where children take on key leadership roles and get their voice heard. Over the years we have wholeheartedly valued the work of our pupil leaders, using it to shape the teaching and learning that happens at our schools. We are moulding leaders of the future, ready for work,  ready for the world.


Our aim is for our children to have the opportunity to make their voices heard and have an input into policies, lessons and school culture to be recognised and utilised. By having a platform to be leaders around the school, we hope it will give our children the drive and confidence to apply these skills in school and other group settings, at secondary school and in employment, ensuring that they become successful members of the local and global community in the 21st century. 


School Council is elected by the children, run by the children, for the children.  As children are at the heart of our community, their voices need to be heard. The School Council enables all of the children at Shipston Primary School to contribute to their school community as active citizens; express their ideas, make positive contributions and be involved in decisions affecting them.  This helps to promote peer leadership, openness and awareness, and democracy. More importantly, this helps children feel safe and happier at school, as they feel they are listened to.  
Each year, every child in Year 2 up to Year 5 are encouraged to stand for class election, preparing a speech and delivering it to their peers for each class to democratically vote two class representatives. Year 6s write an application for one of the roles on the main committee stating their strengths and reasons for applying. Year 1s are always included in weekly meetings, with two different children from each class attending the meeting, supported by a Year 6 committee member who takes notes and guides the young children throughout the experience. 
Once the committee is formed in the first few weeks of the autumn term, this group of children are initially guided and supported in their roles by the teacher representative, who models the roles with the intention that the children take these responsibilities on independently, as soon as possible. They learn it is the School Council’s job to involve everyone, not do everything.


Initially, through fun team building games, the newly elected team learn to work together, support and lead when needed. Year 6 quickly gain skills in their leadership roles and are always keen to support the lower years during the meetings.  The Chairpersons also regularly meet with Heads of School to update on the School Council’s focus and achievements, whilst the secretaries take minutes of the meetings, the treasurers learn to  keep basic book-keeping accounts, and the publishers promote events through designing posters. 
Raising the profile of the School Council is done through a School Council display board that is regularly updated with the achievements and upcoming events. School councillors are awarded house colour badges which are worn at all times and issued with a notebook which they bring to the weekly meetings.  Here, matters are discussed, and vital information is gathered or recorded ready to discuss with their respective classes at an appropriate time. 
All the children on our School Council are keen to support and run the various fundraising events which are held throughout the year.  This includes supporting FOSP with their summer fetes, cake sales, as well as the children gaining the support of the local community through writing and delivering letters to local businesses and designing posters to promote the School Council's focus for their fundraising, for that year. 

Squiggle Stationery Shop

We are delighted to confirm that our Squiggle Stationery Shop is open.  Parents can order and pay for these items on Parentpay.



Harvest Assembly and FoodBank Collection October 2021

Adopt a Polar Bear

School Council 2017-18

The ‘Care For A Bear’ initiative, organised by School Council  raised £925.71.

Children brought a little wooden bear home with suggested activities to help to care for him/her.  They looked after their bear and collected donations to help support the work of Myton Hospice.  Well done to all our pupils who helped to raise funds for this important local charity. 

Care For A Bear

NSPCC School Council Penalty Event

It was a freezing cold February morning when eight determined Year 6 children and one Associate Headteacher braved 3°c weather and spent the day fielding penalty shots and organising nearly 400 children to raise money for our School Council charity the NSPCC. Following an assembly by Deborah Sharp from the NSPCC, where the children learnt how Childline helps at risk and vulnerable children, School Council decided to host a penalty shoot out as part of the Big Workout campaign. 


It was a very successful day, thoroughly enjoyed by all the children. The School Council Committee, chaired by Fraser Grant-Rae, planned, ran and inspired the children to take part in the event and what an amazing job they did. A spectacular amount of money has been raised, over £3000! We explained to the children that it didn’t matter how big or small the amount was it was important to get as many people to support them as possible. 


Thank you to everyone at home and in the community who sponsored the children.